I'm a qualified teacher of visual arts.

For many years I have been working with costumes, scenery and posters at the Theatre, but during the past ten years, painting has taken precedence.
I'm very inspired by my roots; the beautiful and sometimes forceful Danish westcoast where the sky is big and the birds fly high. In my paintings I often use the feelings that this brings forth, as a channel of expressing myself. I'm intrigued by the art of capturing human behavior and moods and expressing them through birds, and animals in general.

Many of my birds have come to life through torn pieces of old maps, which leaves the viewer with an extra dimension, - connecting with their places of origin and the many feelings and associations attached to this. Some of the images relate to global warming and the human destruction of the natural environment for bird- and animal life.

Lena Mandal
Nybrovej 21
6851 Janderup
I exhibit in Galleries and Art Fairs
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